Osheen Siva is an illustrator, muralist and a visual artist currently based in New Delhi, India. She experiments with digital as well as traditional mediums. Having grown up in a mixed environment between Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and India her works have a strong cultural as well as traditional significance. Gender and its intersection with society and technology in junction with nature, cosmology, dreams and nightmares play a major role in her works as well.

Past clients have included - Vans, Levis, LennyLetter, Verve Magazine, Royal Enfield, Sofar, Medium, Decolonize Fest among others.
Girl Club Asia 2019
​​​​​​​Paper Planes 2019
Design Fabric 2018

Platform 2017
St-Art India       NEW DELHI 2019
Irregulars Art Fair     NEW DELHI 2019
Gaysi Zine Bazaar       NEW DELHI 2019
Indianama      NEW DELHI 2018
New York Asian Film Festival      NEW YORK 2018

Irregulars Art Fair      NEW DELHI 2018                                                                                                                                                                                London Design Week     LONDON 2017
Eyemyth Festival     BOMBAY 2017

Ctrl+Alt+Del Festival    BOMBAY 2017
JugMug Art Project      NEW DELHI 2017

Pond Brewhouse      NEW DELHI 2016
Auroville Film Festival    AUROVILLE 2015


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